Architecture Tours of Edinburgh

Stories in Stone

Edinburgh experience for architecture lovers

The builders of Edinburgh left us a plethora of clues in architecture, sculpture and streetscape.
To those who care to notice, the historic fabric of the city speaks its tales - Cobble Tales.


Avoid touristic urban myths, instead, join an experience curated and lead by local architecture professionals passionate about Edinburgh.


Come see your home town in the new light,  understand how it was shaped, and find out stories of building you pass daily.

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"I took the tour of Dean Village an area of the city I had never explored, and I was very pleased with the tour. Olga is very knowledgeable and the area was incredibly beautiful."

"A very informative and enjoyable tour! As residents we know Edinburgh well but we learned so many interesting facts. Loved the treasure hunt element of it as well!"

"This tour opened my eyes and made me look into Edinburgh very differently. Tour guide Olga has revealed some of the fascinating history and hidden places."