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Edinburgh experience for architecture lovers

Join our private guided walking architecture tours of Edinburgh to really understand this beautiful city, an experience curated and lead by local architecture graduates passionate about Edinburgh.

The builders of Edinburgh left us a plethora of clues in architecture, sculpture and streetscape. To those who care to notice, the historic fabric of the city speaks its tales – Cobble Tales.

Old Town
Architecture Tour (3h)​

St Giles Gothic Cathedral in Edinburgh Old Town | Architecture Tour Edinburgh

A walk for curious lovers of the picturesque, the grand and the hidden. Focused on Scottish Baronial architecture, the tour will also explain ideas behind new award winning architecture.

Dean Village
Architecture Tour (2h)

Cottages, turrets, old mills and turrets rising from the banks of Water of Leith in Dean Village | Architecture Tour Edinburgh

A walk of the beaten track to discover the legacy of ancient milling industry in a lush valley that hides just beyond the city centre. En route, marvel at majestic bridges and victorian social housing.

New Town
Architecture Tour (3h)

Three Part New Town Window Architecture Tour

This walk unravels the elements of Georgian Neoclassical architecture during the walk through rational, ordered, symmetrical grid of streets of extravagant townhouses and private parks.

Extended Old Town
Architecture Tour (5h)

Tweeddale Courtyard seen from the gates on Royal Mile | Architecture Tour Edinburgh

A tour with a meal break in an architectural space. Featuring all highlights of a shorter walk, + even more of hidden courtyards, closes, and architectural details waiting to have their story told.


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